February 5, 2012 in Music

Tony Lucca: The Voice Audition (how did it go?)

Man, Tony killed it! He sounded so good, voice smooth with amazing emotion while singing. He nailed “Trouble” by Ray LaMontagne. When Adam pushed his button I was psyched. I really wanted Tony to be on Adam’s team (Adam: “For the Record, I, I pushed two buttons. Which is the first time in the history of The Voice. Thats never happened before. Please please, for the love of God pick me..”) What else did I want? I wanted to see all 4 judges press their buttons and they did. I also wanted to see if Christina recognized Tony…and SHE DIDN’T! It was crazy, even after Tony said his name. I mean, how many people were there on the Mickey Mouse Club? Really? Way to forget your past. I kept looking for that glimpse of recognition and I think everyone that knew was waiting for it too. You could see it in his face, his family’s face (am I the only one that wanted to see his adorable daughter there too?) and Carson’s face backstage waiting for it. Waiting…

When he walked off the stage and her jaw dropped, her face red and she rose from her chair…you knew. It finally hit her and it was priceless. With Carson talking to him backstage while they cut to show her looking for him, they made the moment when she opened that door even better. I wish this video showed their reunion. But you know what else makes her not recognizing him amazing? Her comments about his talent were real. She didn’t tell him that he was talented because of their connection, she told him because she meant it. Having her choose to turn her chair around for him because of his talent = Awesome.

I’m so proud of Tony. I’ve seen him struggle on the road with audiences not coming out or talking through his set but he always gave the show his all whether there were 10 people or a couple hundred + in the audience. It didn’t matter, he was there to put on a show and if there is one thing he always does its deliver. He didn’t take the easy route, he has worked hard for everything his has and I am so proud to know him.

For the record this is what Christina said to Tony after he sang:

“It does take a true talent to come along and jolt us out of our seats to push our buttons, so thank for that first of all. And you have such a beautiful silky quality to your tone and I appreciate you for making us all push our button.”

And when she found him backstage she apologized for not recognizing him, then was introduced to his family (his wife and son, as mentioned his daughter was not there) and also told him no hard feelings for him not choosing her. Which honestly, wouldn’t that have been a little weird if he did choose her.

I know I said it two times already, in the same paragraph no less, but I am so beyond proud of Tony. He has shown he in not just a former mousekateer (whoever said that needs to be biatch-slapped). I wish him all the best and lots of good things in the future. Regardless of whether he wins or not (really America..he better at least make the finals or I will have lost hope in you) I know he will be fine and will continue to push on and perform because that is what he does. He is a performer, a musician and an artist, that is what he is. Plus with over 500k followers on twitter (when did that happen?), I’m sure his name will become a household one again and I am so glad for that. Kick some butt on The Voice! I am rooting for you!

You can watch Tony’s performance below as well as an after audition interview with Christina Milian. (Videos removed)

Also, you can download Tony’s version of Trouble on iTunes here: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/trouble-voice-performance/id499357628?i=499357731


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