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The Replacements: Back By Unpopular Demand


Concert 8:

04/09/2015 at Paramount Theater (Seattle, WA)

The Replacements with Special Guests Young Fresh Fellows

Back By Unpopular Demand Tour


I’m not one of those super hip cool people who knew all about The Replacements before their reunion shows. A friend of mine posted on Facebook last year about The Replacements playing shows again and it just so happened they were playing Bumbershoot. He loved them so I had to go check it out. Well, it turns out I missed them because Matt Nathanson was playing in Canada and I drove to Whistler instead. I lucked out though and they were also playing Austin City Limits Festival in October so I would get a chance to see them there.

After confessing to people that I skipped Bumbershoot for Matt Nathanson, I had so many people tell me how amazing it was and that I missed out. I also had other people that weren’t there ask me what I was thinking. I was thinking that Matt Nathanson is one of my absolute favorites and I was going to regret missing him. But yeah…So I missed The Replacements at Bumbershoot, but I made up for it at ACL. I went early to catch Gaslight Anthem, then The Replacements were on after and then Pearl Jam. I had a pretty sweet view for all three acts and I knew what everyone was talking about after seeing The Replacements play. At one point Paul laid down in a hammock and played his guitar and sang…actually this happened more than once. It was comical and impressive. He still sounded great in both regards. It was awesome!

Plus it would be the perfect opportunity to hang with this guy I was into  since he was one of the people who wanted to know what I was thinking missing them at Bumbershoot. It took way too much effort and planning to make this happen. He plays gigs on Thursdays, which made it so he either had to say no or he had to find someone to cover his gig, or in this case: half of his gig. He finally gave the go ahead about a week before the show. Since he also gave lesson that day, we decided to meet at the Paramount.

When we got in, I noticed there were a lot fewer people than I expected inside the actual theater room. Considering it was a sold out show, I figured it would be packed. Thinking back on it, I realized that the lobby was pretty packed. Probably due to the fact that no alcohol was allowed in the theater (which I am all for, because who wants beer or wine or etc spilled on them). Even with it not being packed, we stayed a bit back. He’s 6’3″+ tall so I’m sure he didn’t want to be that tall guy in the front. I on the other hand am a presence at 5’2″…There were a few times he said “Did you see that?” and I had to laugh and just say no. But anyways, again, since I was into this guy I didn’t care where we stood. At that time, I still had romantic notions in my head and anywhere close to him was good (I literally just rolled my eyes at myself. Ugh.)

The first band came on, they were called Young Fresh Fellows. From what I gathered, they were from Portland, OR(?) and also a band that had been around since the time of The Replacements. I didn’t know their music, so I found myself surprised when I recognized some songs. Turns out, I recognized them covering songs by The Kinks and The Sonics. Oops. haha They were great though, and the crowd loved them. Interesting set. I was completely mesmerized by the drummer. He was just killing it! Plus he had some weird facemask or turtle shell on a tall cymbal stand that was just swaying around like it was one of those blow up bopper dolls that you punch.

After their set, we just kind of hung out and talked a bit. People pressed in, trying to get a closer spot but we stayed in the same spot. When The Replacements came out they actually started their first song with the curtains down. No silhouette or anything, just them rocking out behind a thick red stage curtain. People actually took pictures of this…of the curtain. Not video, pictures. (You can’t see it, but I am shaking my head right now. I mean, what are they going to say years later when they see that picture. Are they going to remember that the band was playing behind it or are they going to think they took a picture of a curtain. My guess is the latter. But, whatever. )

They played for an hour and a half I think? Highlights of the show were Paul Westerberg going into a red camping tent on stage to “be alone” for a bit, for those that could see, his alone time included him finishing his cigarette. Yup, he smoked on stage at the Paramount. The band continued playing like it was nothing. They put the mic in the tent and everything. It was a lot like the hammock set up at ACL, but inside. Alex Chilton is still my favorite song of theirs, but really, I enjoyed their entire set and enjoy their performance each time I see them. I’d go again for sure. Its funny, their tour was called “Back by Unpopular Demand”. I think a complete tour of sold out dates goes to show you how ironic that title is for them. I know I definitely would love to see them again, and if they tour again… I will.

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