February 9, 2015 in 101 Things To Do List, Sports

Sportsball!!!! (aka #2 Watch a Football Game at a Bar)

I can cross number 2 off my list! A couple of friends and I hit the Market Arms in Ballard to watch the Superbowl and root on our Seahawks. While the outcome wasn’t what we hoped it was a great experience and a lot of fun. That game was insane.

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We arrived around 11 am, about an hour after the bar opened, which was still a good 4.5 hours until the game started. Even then it was pretty full. Lucky for us, they serve breakfast/brunch food. The eating had just began at that point. I wasn’t quite ready to drink though so I left that to my friend who ordered a mimosa. For anyone wondering, The Market Arms has great breakfast and their breakfast potatoes are so good. Their mimosa is pretty tasty too. It made me almost want to grab one, but I refrained for a bit longer.


To keep ourselves entertained until the big game we played UNO and ate food. We were not the only ones who brought games, I saw quite a few card decks around. More an more people showed up and we put the cards away to people watch and chat and eat more food. haha I also finally gave in and got a Guiness. I’m not a huge beer fan but apparently I like a good guiness from the tap.

The local tv station was also playing a lot of “How they got here” clips from the season and a lot of it geared to pumping up Seattleites and Seahawks fans everywhere. They excitement was palpable. It was great. We even had some Skittle promo peeps shows up. They threw packs of Skittles to everyone and also gave out some colorful rainbow Skittles headband swag. It was fantastic. We were having a great time.


Game time approached, we ordered a pitcher of Strongbow Apple Cider and wings (you have to have wings!). Then the game started. It was an intense game filled with highs and lows, lots of cheering and screaming as well as sounds of sadness and panic at times. There were high fives galore and Skittles showers every time we scored or did something badass. We were riding on pure adrenaline up until that last play. The play that changed everything. Then there was just silence and a little anger but mostly you could hear the disbelief and disappointment in the absolute silence all around. It was that evident. We couldn’t believe that play, that catch. The interception that rocked our world in a bad way, but it happens. The luck was not in our favor and the Pats anticipated that play. I’ve got to give them credit for that. While I am still a little disappointed, I love my Seahawks and that sure was one hell of a game.

What a great first experience watching a game at a bar, huh? I’d say my adventures to cross off number 2 on my list were a success…and We’ll get’em next year. GO SEAHAWKS!!!


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