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Seattle Living Room Shows presents: Levi Weaver


Concert 10:

04/18/2015 at a House in Lake Stevens, WA

Levi Weaver

Presented by Seattle Living Room Shows


Living room shows are one of the most amazing ways to see music. This Saturday I was lucky enough to see Levi Weaver play to a room of less than 30 people. I’d seen him before at another living room show, which was when I first discovered him and fell in love with his music. Its haunting and beautiful, and honestly very sad. A lot about break ups and hard times. Right up my alley.

Tonight, he was jovial/genuine and talked to the crowd telling stories and making sure that the crowd got what they wanted out of the night. At one point he asked if anyone had any songs they wanted to hear and if they didn’t, that they would be disappointed about. Two people spoke up, the first was the woman sitting next to me. She asked for a (I’m Glad) Your Ghost keeps Finding Me. Levi mentioned that it had a girl part and asked if she knew it, she said she did but she didn’t because she wasn’t going to sing. Everyone tried to coax her telling her no one would judge her, no one would judge her girl parts (insert snickering…). Levi pointed out that that sounded wrong and everyone just laughed. Then the second person requested Kansas, I Decline.

This song had a great story behind it, which Levi told us. The entire thing. I don’t think I have laughed that hard in a long time. The entire time he was telling the story I noticed that his mannerisms reminded me of my friend Chad. It was crazy. But I digress, the story was about him being on tour and meeting a beautiful but crazy woman. She asked him to go star-gazing with her and he said yes. Innocent enough, but then it turned out she was batshit crazy. The story involved police, drinking while driving, inappropriate noises and advances on her part. I can’t do the story justice so I won’t even try to tell it. The song gives a pretty good synopsis but doesn’t get to the nitty-gritty of everything that happened but the song is fabulous. I listened to it at least 5 times since I got home from the show yesterday.

He also played his “happy song”, and a song about a friend’s nasty divorce. The best part about living room shows is the story telling. Each song that he sang was accompanied by either a story or a funny quip. It’s so hard to describe just how awesome the experience is/was in words. You just really have to be there. So I have two suggestions for you. 1) Check out Levi Weaver (the music is great www.leviweaver.com) and 2) Get on the list for shows at www.seattlelivingroomshows.com. They have quite a few coming up. Some are larger shows but still intimate.


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