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Emotional Roller Coaster via film

#36: Watch 10 Movies in a movie theater (1/10)


Movie #1: The Theory of Everything

Let me explain this goal first. I am not a movie going person (caveat: I do watch movies with my nephews at the theater but these are usually age appropriate…meaning their age). I’m not even a big movie watching person but when I do watch, I’m usually alone. This goal serves two parts:

1) Get out of the house and do something, stay in the now, see what everyone is talking about

2) Spend time with friends

So here we are with my first movie of the year. My friend Holly lives in the apt complex across the street. Reading that, you would assume we see each other all the time and are always together. This is not true. We rarely see each other, sad I know. At the end of each hang session we say the same thing “We need to hang out more. I mean, we live across the street from each other.” Yet, that still didn’t really happen. We’re both busy with work and life and usually when home (which for me is rarely) we just want alone time. However, every friendship requires effort. Really, any successful relationship whether friends, family or other requires effort. So effort was made.

Holly texted me asking if I wanted to catch a movie the next week. I of course said yes so we finally settled on a date and then on a movie. The last time we had watched a movie we saw a trailer for The Theory of Everything and both had made the comment that we wanted to see it. So, the choice was “easy” (we’re both kind of indecisive so…you know. Easier haha) and we settled on the movie based on Jane Hawking’s book about her and Stephen’s life together.

Knowing who Stephen Hawking was, I was prepared for some sadness. However, I was not prepared to cry…a lot. I laughed quite a bit too, there were many funny parts of this move but there were so many emotional moments. I commend the two actors playing Stephen (Eddie Redmayne) and Jane (Felicity Jones). They were amazing in their roles bringing the characters to life. I was so enthralled with the story, I felt it all. Happiness, sadness, anger, the urge to comfort, support, and be there for these characters. I felt invested, even though this was a story of times past. I just wanted to hug everyone and to have someone hug me. Luckily I had taken a handful of napkins when we got our popcorn or my clothes would have been a mess of smeared make up. To say I enjoyed this movie would be an understatement. I LOVED this movie. I would watch it over and over. It was simply delightful. i definitely recommend watching.

(Shout out to Blinc mascara for being amazing and staying put! No racoon eyes.Win!)

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