January 18, 2015 in 101 Things To Do List, Life (General)

Game Night!

I forgot to take any pictures but I can cross one of my items off the list because tonight was game night. Granted we only played one game but it was Cards Against Humanity, and really…what more could you ask for with a game night but playing that game, eating tacos, drinking sangrias and hanging

January 7, 2015 in Uncategorized

101 Things

A friend has a list of 101 things she wants to do, I don’t remember if its in a year or just in her lifetime but I thought it was a great idea. There aren’t necessarily huge complicated epic adventures, a lot are easily accessible experiences but its often these things we overlook. These great

January 7, 2015 in 101 Things To Do List, Life (General)

I do what I want..

So many hopes for this blog, if any of you have actually been following it I am sure by now you think I am a little flighty and indecisive. This is true at times. The truth is, the original concept for this blog didn’t work out so I tried to do something else with it