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G. Love and Special Sauce w/Special Guest Matt Costa

# 46: Go to 50 concerts of 50 different bands/musicians (1 out of 50)



Concert Number 1:

01/30/2015 At The Showbox Market (Seattle, WA)

G. Love and Special Sauce w/Special Guest Matt Costa

First concert down, I saw G. Love and Special Sauce with Matt Costa as his opener. Its been a long time, at least 5 or so years since I last saw G. Love, at I think it was at this same location. I love the Showbox Market, it is easily on my list of top places to see a show in Seattle. G. Love and the guys played some new stuff while still mixing in the old favorites. I mean,  you can’t go see G.Love and Special Sauce and them not play “My Baby’s Got Sauce”. Sadly he didn’t play much off of the Hustle except Booty Call, but it was a great night of dancing and having a grand old time (do people still say that?).

The last time I saw Matt Costa was at the now defunct Chop Suey (I think, I may have seen him somewhere else more recent but that one stands out to me most). I still remember him coming out of Cafe Du Nord in San Francisco to play songs for those of us in line waiting to get into Swedish American Music Hall to see Matt Nathanson. He asked if he could play for us and then offered us CDs for sale at $5. I think I was one of the only ones that bought a CD after. A lot of people ignored him and laughed, little did they know what the future held for that guy. I love his voice and his music. He didn’t play my favorite songs that night, but they are a bit older so I understand. However, what he played sounded great. So no complaints.

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