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101 Things

A friend has a list of 101 things she wants to do, I don’t remember if its in a year or just in her lifetime but I thought it was a great idea. There aren’t necessarily huge complicated epic adventures, a lot are easily accessible experiences but its often these things we overlook. These great chances for memorable moments. So here is my list:

  1. Decorate the “Waiting for Interurban statues”
  2. Watch a football game at a sports bar Completed 02/01/2015
  3. Discover 5 new local bands
  4. Sing a song with a musician
  5. Have a game night with friends Completed 01/17/2015
  6. Host a get together to celebrate a random holiday
  7. Visit two friends that live outside of WA
  8. Complete 3 hikes
  9. Go camping
  10. Learn to cook 5 new dishes
  11. Send 10 surprise packages to friends
  12. Be able to decently play a song on guitar with bar chords
  13. Design and make my own Christmas cards
  14. Design, make and send birthday cards to 5 friends
  15. Run a 5k
  16. Do one thing that scares me
  17. Visit 10 museums
  18. Learn a new skill
  19. Visit 10 towns/cities I’ve never been to
  20. Take a picture at the Olympic Rings in Whistler
  21. Ride the Ducks
  22. Attend the Tulip Festival
  23. Walk/run 100 miles in one year
  24. Go through all my boxes and declutter
  25. Make my apt into a home
  26. Get my first tattoo
  27. Refurbish a piece of furniture
  28. Host an Alice in Wonderland themed tea party
  29. Go to an “extreme” sports event
  30. Go snowboarding
  31. Have a snowball fight
  32. Go sledding
  33. Volunteer
  34. Attend the symphony
  35. Attend the theatre
  36. Watch 10 movies in the movie theater (1/10)
  37. Go to an improv comedy night
  38. Lose 40 lbs
  39. Buy someone a cup of coffee
  40. Make a new friend
  41. Watch the sunrise
  42. See the Northern Lights
  43. Go stargazing
  44. Go on a roadtrip
  45. Go to Vegas
  46. Go to 50 concerts of 50 different bands/musicians (3/50)
  47. Take a spontaneous weekend trip
  48. Visit the Monterey Aquarium
  49. Host a Living Room Concert
  50. Knit or Crochet a Blanket
  51. Bake a cake from scratch
  52. Take a picture in the same exact location every month for a year
  53. Build and Fly a kite
  54. Perform 10 random acts of kindness
  55. Go Ice Skating
  56. Have a picnic
  57. Go to a speed dating event for fun
  58. Go to the Twin Towers memorial
  59. Go to a concert outside the Pacific Northwest
  60. Bury a time capsule
  61. Take a train somewhere
  62. Go to Eastern Canada
  63. Attend 5 meet-ups
  64. Attend a Trivia Night
  65. Go to a Seahawks game
  66. See a concert in Red Rocks Amphitheatre in CO
  67. Create an art focused website
  68. Write a book
  69. Make 10 mixtapes and hide in the open them for people to find 🙂
  70. Start an Etsy store selling stuff designed and made by me
  71. Run a 10k
  72. Bench press my weight
  73. Plant a tree
  74. Complete 30 days of finding one positive thing to be thankful for each day
  75. Go strawberry picking
  76. Go hunting for seashells on a beach
  77. Build a sand castle
  78. Learn to sew (for more than just mending)
  79. Take an art class
  80. Host a scavenger hunt
  81. Complete a drawing journal, draw everyday for 100 days (good or bad, just draw)
  82. Go on a graffiti photo safari
  83. Spend a day coloring in the park
  84. Give 25 random people real compliments
  85. Spend 30 days finding at least one thing to love about yourself.
  86. Do a cartwheel
  87. Go geocaching
  88. Spend a day exploring at least 5 neighborhoods in your own city
  89. Make a paper airplane that can travel at least 20 ft
  90. Go to the San Juan Islands
  91. Learn a new word a day for 90 days and use it in a “real life situation” sentence.

List to be continued… Find the current list under “The List: 101 Things to Do” on the menu.

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